Murdo welcomes dig for King James the first in Parliamentary motion



Published historian and Mid-Scotland and Fife MSP, Murdo Fraser, has welcomed a new online and social media presence promoting Perth’s Charterhouse Project which aims to find the remains of lost Scottish King, James the First.


A new website and social media offering has recently been launched,, which recounts the story of his life and the current Charterhouse Project which aims to uncover his final resting place.


Murdo Fraser, a man no stranger to Scotland’s bloody history following the recent publication of his take on the Scottish Civil War of 1644-45 believes that the project could give Perth a global profile in the same fashion as the hunt for Richard the third in Leicester.

Commenting Murdo Fraser said;


“As a student of Scottish history and a representative for the area I can think of no better advert for Perth’s history and culture than the Charterhouse Project, especially as the Fair City bids for the UK City of Culture title.

“Although often forgotten Perth was one of Scotland’s first capital cities and was an important political and economic centre during the early middle ages. It is important that we are able to capitalise on this history and use it to our advantage when bidding for the culture title, and this project seeks to do exactly that.


“In bringing the Charterhouse Project online there is now an up-to-date interactive website that not only tells the story of James the First’s life and death but also of the project to discover his final resting place. In lodging my motion in parliament hopefully I can highlight this new resource to more people across the country who are looking to learn more about Perth’s place in Scotland’s history.”